Welcome to All American Chemical!

The equipment we offer utilizes cutting edge technology that helps separate traditional chemical applications from ours.

Chemical application equipment is as important as the sanitation chemicals you need.

Sanitation chemicals and equipment are at the most effective when the right technology is used to drive the sanitation process. Which makes chemical application equipment as important as the chemicals you need for sanitation. At All American Chemical we are continuously exploring new equipment that will help our customers with the following:

  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Accurately deliver repeatable chemical concentrations
  • Save money by reducing and eliminating manual operations
  • Save water by minimizing water usage, energy, and sewer disposal
  • Increase profits by reducing labor time

Our chemical dispensing systems, chemical allocation systems, chemical application equipment, and automated cleaning equipment help create innovative, fail-safe solutions that meet today’s sanitation standards.

At All American Chemical we offer a wide range of chemical dispensing equipment that spans from simple water driven venturi mixing stations and volumetric pumps, to pneumatic single transfer units and cutting edge automated chemical allocation systems. We also offer the finest chemical application equipment in the industry, including portable to wall-mounted to centralized  foam/sanitize systems, automated conveyor belt cleaning, and COP/CIP equipment.