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CM Process Solutions


CM Process Solutions LLC, a market leader in the innovation of stainless steel hygiene equipment and food processing equipment for the beef, pork, poultry, seafood, dairy, produce, and ready-to-eat food processing and packaging industry. Their range of hygiene equipment include products such as stainless steel sinks, boot & sole washers, hygiene stations, 400 lbs & 600 lbs stainless steel buggies, buggy scales, single and twin column Lifts, column dumpers, pivot lifts, washing machines for plastic trays, pans, stainless steel buggy's, plastic bins, stainless & plastic vats, cheese moulds, stainless steel racks, and stainless steel pallets. Whatever your requirements, large or small, CM Process Solutions can provide you, our valued customer, a dedicated team of engineers, sales and service associates the assistance you need from custom made equipment to standard products and solutions.

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