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Founding Family

Three generations of experience from our founding family—at your service.

Charles Saltzman, President 1975-1985

Prior to the invention of the first liquid conveyor lubricants, dairy and beverage manufacturers were using conveyor lubricants that consisted of a paste or gel. These out of date applications were often applied using a coffee can along with petcock to control the application flow. In 1964, Charles Saltzman developed the first conveyor lubricant and automated this application using a volumetric pump along with timers to segregate and apply conveyor lubricant at time intervals. Liquid conveyor lubricants are used throughout the dairy and beverage industries today with similar application equipment.

Charles Saltzman relocated to Chicago Illinois and founded All America Chemical Company in 1975 with his wife Geraldine Saltzman who was Vice President. The first All American Chemical products designed by Charles Saltzman were cleaners, sanitizers, and specialty products for the food and beverage industries. The products developed by Charles Saltzman were specifically formulated and designed for customers like Sara Lee, B&B Packing, Lloyd J. Harris Pies, Coca Cola, Falstaff Brewery and Deans Dairy. Since its inception, the goal of All American Chemical Company’s Founder and President, Charles Saltzman, has been to meet and exceed industry standards.

Geraldine Saltzman, President 1985-1992

In 1985 Geraldine Saltzman took over as President. She made a personal commitment to quality, service and to our employees and customers—the basic building blocks of All American Chemical Company today. Click here to read about our customer service pledge.

Samuel Saltzman, President 1992-Present

In 1992 Samuel Saltzman took over as President and is still the current president today. He has made All American Chemical’s focus on high-risk, ready-to-eat food-processing facilities. Along with the high-risk food industry, All American Chemical continues to sell and service the beverage, dairy, and animal feed sectors. Samuel Saltzman has carried on both his mother’s and father’s philosophies. All American Chemical Company has expanded it’s product offerings from cleaners, sanitizers, and specialty products to include a wide range of specialty chemical formulations and processing aids. The products offered by All American Chemical Company are specially formulated and are registered and compliant with the EPA and meet the FDA, USDA  standards.  All formulations meet the high performance standards of the food processing and beverage manufacturing industry.

Charles J. Saltzman, Joined his father in 2006

In 2006, Charles J. Saltzman joined the All American Chemical Company legacy. His knowledge, drive, and ideas continue the legacy of All American Chemical Company.


All American Chemical’s national headquarters and research center is located in Rosemont, Illinois with distribution and manufacturing points across the United States.