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Glass Cleaner

A specialty formulated glass, plastic and plasma screen cleaner designed for use on glass, Lexan, Lucite, mirrors, menu boards, and other surfaces not harmed by water. This fresh blue formula utilizes a special combination of soil-suspending detergents, and wetting agents to quickly remove soil smudges, grease and finger prints without streaking. Contains no alcohol or ammonia.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser

Maximum cleaning power…a highly concentrated industrial cleaner degreaser… specially formulated for heavy duty cleaning requirements. Performs a variety of difficult cleaning tasks where standard liquid detergents and powdered cleaners might fail. Effective for a variety of surface and soil combinations.

Peroxy Foam Treatment

Self foaming cleaner/treatment with high oxidation potential.

Tile, Grout, & Bathroom Cleaner

Powerful and fast acting…detergent based cleaner instantly foams away heavy grease, soil, body oils, and mineral deposits from fiberglass, tile, chrome, and plastics . Outstanding grout cleaner… specially effective on greasy, dirty ceramic floors found in kitchens, shower rooms, and supermarket venues.