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  • Antimicrobial Treatments

The use of Hypobromous Acid is a patent-pending antimicrobial compound approved by the FDA-FSIS for use on meat and poultry during processing. It is similar to chlorine (hypochlorous acid) in many ways, but with some very distinct advantages.



Hypobromous Acid is stable and effective in pH ranges of 5-9, and therefore does not require acid adjustment, which is necessary for chlorine-based products. Hypobromous Acid combines with organic compounds to form a bromamine. Chlorine also combines with the same organic compounds to form a chloramine. However, bromamines are 50-100 times more potent biocides than a chloramine, so bromine is a far superior biocide in the presence of organic matter. Hypobromous Acid is one of the least expensive intervention antimicrobial compounds available.

Application Method: 

Spray or Dip



Is product Soft Metal and Paint Safe?: 


Packaging Size: 

5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum