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Lactic Acid




  • Antimicrobial Treatments

Lactic Acid is produced as a clear syrup like liquid from the fermentation of dextrose. 50, 80, 88 percent solutions of Food Grade Lactic Acid are available that meet the Food Chemical Codex specifications. It is included in the FDA list of GRAS ingredients.



Lactic Acid has been proven to work as a great antimicrobial treatment on raw meat. Lactic Acid is widely used as an acidulant in foods and beverages that require an edible non-volatile acid. It offers a more mildly acid taste than most other food acids, and may serve as an effective preservative. The bland acidity of Lactic Acid enhances the flavor of many products.

Application Method: 

Spray or Dip



Is product Soft Metal and Paint Safe?: 


Packaging Size: 

55, 275 gallons