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100% organic cleaning and sanitizing systems which augment conventional chemical-based sanitation methods with a patented combination of ozone and water that can be used continuously during production. What does this give you? Continuous listeria control, enhanced yield, and continuous cleaning.



To help enhance yield while continuously controlling listeria, Ozone can be continuously applied directly onto finished product at the oven discharge, freezer infeed, or freezer discharge. Automated spray bars are used in this application to apply WhiteWater to finished product as a low-pressure, ozone-infused water rinse or mist. This low-pressure, ozone-infused water utilizes ozone's powerful oxidation capabilities to kill pathogens on finished product and thereby serves as a final intervention step to minimize the likelihood that finished product harbors surface pathogens. This intervention step is particularly important in freezer discharge applications, as in-line freezers are notoriously difficult to keep pathogen free, especially deep in the floors and walls and in the evaporator coils. It is not unusual for pathogens to get into the cold air stream inside the freezer and then land on product surfaces.To help control pathogens, reduce cross contamination, and control soil buildup, Ozone can be continuously applied during production to product contact surfaces such as oven discharge belts, product cooling belts, freezer infeed belts, freezer discharge belts, slicers, dicers, slides, pusher arms, and other automated processing equipment.

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