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Quat Sanitizers

All-O-Dine Tablets

Blend of iodine, nonionic surfactants and blocking agents.



Alpet D2

Ready to use surface sanitizer, containing alcohol and quat.



Alpet E3

Ready to use hand sanitizer.



Bac-Off Antimicrobial Hand Cleaner

Quaternary base.



Disinfectant Wipes

Ready to use pre-moistened wipes, phenol free, alcohol free, bleach free.



Drain & Drip Pan Treatment

Blend of quat, nonionic surfactants and gel agents in mesh wrapping.



Floor Treatment

Granular pellet product, water soluble quaternary base.



Hand Soap & Sanitizer

Quaternary base.



Hand Treatment Plus

Waterless hand treatment.



High Foam Quat

High foaming quaternary concentrate for entryway foamers.

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